The Seven Questions You Need To Ask Yourself RIGHT NOW

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.” - Tony Robbins

The first time I heard this quote; I dismissed it as one of those pithy ra-ra-motivational sayings that Tony and his tribe are often fond of inserting into normal mundane conversation.  

But then it started following me everywhere (thanks Google); and I started to really pay attention to what it meant…

And then I had to swallow some humble pie and admit Tony & Tribe were right.

When you change your questions, you have the power to change your day and eventually your life.

Let’s look at some thoughts that come up at least once a day for most entrepreneurs... 

  • I wish I could make X dollars a month on autopilot. 

  • Why can’t I be featured on more podcasts?

  • Why can’t I create a six figure course?

I don’t know about you but the minute my brain starts thinking thoughts like these it turns into one big spiral of suck that usually ends in a bucketful of self-doubting tears that only a truckload of Mac and Cheese can comfort. 

Ergo: unhelpful thoughts and questions. 

If I flip the script and ask myself better questions like: 

  • How can I make X dollars a month on autopilot? 

  • What do I need to do to be featured on more Podcasts this year? 

  • How can I create a six figure online course?  

My brain does a literal happy dance!

When I ask my brain productive questions; it goes to work to find me productive solutions.

Now it might not find the right answer immediately but it will go to work to come up with ideas and solutions AND if I keep asking these empowered questions and taking small actions in line with the answers I will eventually wind up with the outcome I want. 

But...this isn’t a lesson on how your brain works and why questions are the key to unlock a life of unlimited potential and possibility. 

No...this is a blog post about how to ask yourself better questions as a course creator. 

Over the next few blog posts I am going to share with you several empowering questions to ask yourself to help you create the best online course and business you possibly can. 

So you are probably wondering - what kind of questions should you ask? 

I call these my Seven Secret Warriors and I use them to ideate everything - from planning my month; to outlining a course; to deciding what to put on a sales page; the list is endless.

Secret Seven Warriors_Content By Seema.png

Introducing My Seven Secret Warriors:

  1. WHY questions

  2. WHAT questions

  3. WHEN questions

  4. WHERE questions

  5. WHO questions

  6. HOW questions

  7. HOW MUCH questions

And just like the Simon Sinek Ted Talk (and book) the best question to start with is WHY. 

So here are 10 WHY questions I want you to ask yourself before you create your online course or digital product:

  1. Why do you want to create this course? 

  2. Why do you want to help <insert your target audience> and not anyone else? 

  3. Why do you want to create a course in the first place? 

  4. Why should people trust you and buy from you?

  5. Why are you the absolute best person to help them? 

  6. Why are you or your solution better than the competition? 

  7. Why does your <insert your target audience> need this solution?

  8. Why do they need to take action right now? 

  9. What is this the right project for you to work on right now? 

  10. Why are you excited or motivated to create this? 

Here are a couple of ways to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Get out a journal or some blank paper and set a timer for 90 minutes and write what comes up for you under each question. 

  2. Ask yourself a question a day and journal your answers for 10 - 20 minutes first thing in the morning. 

  3. Have a friend or team member ask you these questions and record your answers. 


So go on; block off some time on your calendar and let your brain go to work so that you can create an amazing AND profitable online course that makes a difference in this world.