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Create your next online course while having all of the fun (and none of the stress).

There are so many valuable ways you can spend your time as a business owner - agonizing over your next product does not need to be one of them.

Whether it's your first course of your tenth product launch, I offer a variety of solutions to meet you where you are in your course creation journey. 

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For the Scrappy Self-Starter

Through my online store, I offer ready-to-use templates and toolkits to help you start creating your course today -  without having to invest thousands of dollars on complex, 8-week programs that don’t work. 

The scrappy self-starter is built for beginners who want to work on their ideas, and get nudged in the right direction.



For the Overwhelmed Overachiever

Need guidance and clarity? I offer Course Mapping Workshops that are 60 minutes of sanity-saving, clarity-boosting support, where we work on a plan to outline your course or membership site, brainstorm ideas or map out your strategy for an immersive course experience.

Are you ready to get that idea out of your head and into the world now? 


For the Time-Starved Thought Leader

I offer a complete done for you solution; worksheets, program outlines, slides and scripts; 100% custom built and ready for you to record and deploy. I work with authors, coaches, trainers, speakers and online business owners to help them create the perfect program or eCourse for their tribe.

Are you ready to schedule a complimentary “Are We A Perfect Fit Call?” for us to discuss your world domination strategy? 



Working with Seema has been amazing. She is exactly what I needed to get my idea into the world, and make some serious money! Thank you so much!
— Fake Testimonial