Just ship it already

Just ship it already.png

Ideas are rarely the problem.

I live my life surrounded by amazing, inspiring, creative thinkers. Their lightbulb moments floor me. Their new plans, and processes, and programs make me simply giddy.

It’s not coming up with that moment of genius that leaves people feeling stuck.

It’s the follow through. It’s the preening. It’s the perfecting. It’s the making sure that every last word is “just so”.

My advice to you?

Just ship it already.

Get it out there. Get it gone.

That half-finished online course on your Google Drive.

The sales page you’ve been tweaking for weeks.

The guest post you’re putting off pitching.

The webinar you’re ready for, but refuse to schedule.

The proposal you’ve been playing around with.

The worksheet you’ve sketched out in your trusty notebook.

Your half-written book.

The ever growing ideas list.

An abandoned slide deck.

The witty domain name you’ve done nothing with.

The email course sitting in your drafts.

The updated web copy yet to make it online.

That tutorial you feel drawn to create (at some point).

All of these not quite perfect, not quite finished things on the horizon.

Stop waiting. Start shipping.

If they flop? If they fail? If nobody notices, or cares, or jumps straight on board?

You learn your lesson. You come back to your list. And you ship the next thing.

Whatever your big idea, make it known. Make it public. Make it real.

Because NOW is time to take action.

Over to you.

Step 1: Pull out a blank sheet of paper (or a blank Google doc, you can pick your poison) and make a list of all your unfinished projects.

Step 2: Go through and write at least 5 reasons you want to finish that project. Why does it excite you? What will it bring into your life? How will it help you make an impact?

Step 3: Revisit your list, and discard everything that doesn’t have a strong enough WHY. Anything that doesn’t light you up… delete!

Step 4: Schedule each project into your diary (because scheduling makes things real).

Step 5: Announce your intentions and hold yourself accountable - share your goal with your list, post in a Facebook group, or simply leave a comment below.