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Swipe & Create Worksheet Bundle

What if you could create content upgrades + lead magnets +  worksheets + printables that are both PRETTY and PROFITABLE using totally FREE software for less than $2 a worksheet?

A to Z Of Course Creation

Everything I know about creating online courses from ‘A’udience to ‘Z’one of Genius. Includes 26 videos and worksheets to help you get your course done.

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The Course Creators Backstage Pass

A backstage pass at how I design a course from start to finish, watch over my shoulder as I create a masterclass from start to finish and get an insight into a course designer’s brain. Plus get my format for creating easy to use scripts that help you voice over your courses in a jiffy. If you had to hire me to do this for you it would cost $1000 at least.

Presentation Skills for Online Course Creators

This training shows you how to create great presentations in under 90 minutes. I’ve been creating slides and learning materials for over 15 years PHEW! I’m going to give you all my secrets on how to make good looking slides even if you aren’t a designer and don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how much white space to use.

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Create Engaging Learning Materials

My training on creating engaging learning materials, learn how to decide which worksheet to use and why and how to make your learning materials bucket list so that you can swipe and create everything in 60 minutes flat

Course Slides Templates

Course slides templates, doesn’t matter if you are creating a masterclass or a signature program, these course slide templates include everything you need to create amazing course materials.

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Webinar Slides Templates

Webinar slides template, just plug in your content, change the colours and add some images and you’ve got your sales webinar ready to go.