You rescued me from hours and hours of struggling to create gorgeous templates for my PDF checklists and printables. For me time equals sanity, sweet moments with my family and creating success-boosting content for my clients... I can NOT afford to spend time struggling. ;) YOU ensured that!

Prerna Malik |

You have so much knowledge and had no limits to sharing; clear and conscious when answering questions. Very caring and supportive. That came across.

Alix Greer |



Seema is a game changer. She literally rolls in, lifts you up, spreads some positivity and confidence fairy dust and blows your mind with possibilities. She has a way of taking what seems overwhelming and turning into an organized and clear formula, that is not only easy to follow, but makes running your business fun. The time I spent with Seema was equivalent to hours of business coaching. If I could start each week with a little Seema, I would be set for life!

Genevieve Mari |

Working with Seema is a treat. Her personality, knowledge and passion for what she does shines through every time you speak to her. Running my business has become a lot easier and I have endless ideas to create passive income. If you need help with courses, or are generally at a standstill with your business, work with Seema and you will walk away happy! 

Jas Deol |


Seema is magic for your content creation.  When I first started in my business I knew I wanted to create workshops and programs. I had great ideas and vision, but felt overwhelmed with HOW to make it real.  Enter Seema.  She is brilliant and empowers you to tap into your brilliance.  She is fun to work with, has an endless amount of ideas and exercises to share and is truly talented in working with you to take your idea and turn it into reality.  And she's fast!  You'll want her to work on content with you every time and you'll want her to be your BFF.  Don't hesitate, just do it.  She's one of my favorite humans :)

Tracy Litt , CPC, RTT |