You’ve got great ideas; but you have no idea how to turn them into MONEY!

Building an online business can be hard, really hard… 

After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to a string of ‘you made a sale’ notifications instead of muddling through another program that promises to help you build the six figure empire of your dreams.


I’m Seema K Bharwani, the Ideas to Income Strategist and my passion is helping big-hearted entrepreneurs package their brilliance into products and programs, one eCourse at a time. 



I’ve spent over a decade creating and delivering training programs to over 20,000 people (including many Fortune 500 companies) before switching my focus from serving corporates to serving individuals. 



Along the way, I awarded myself the title 'Ideas to Income Strategist' because it describes exactly what I do (my clients lovingly call me the Content Queen). 

I love working with thought-leaders like you because I truly believe that education is the path to freedom and empowerment both for you and for the people you serve.

I work with clients in three distinct ways:

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For the Scrappy Starter: through my online store, I offer ready-to-use templates and toolkits to help you get started on your course creation journey immediately. Without having to invest thousands of dollars on programs and solutions that may not work for you. Check out my store here. 

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For the Savvy Go-Getter who needs a quick shot of guidance and clarity; I offer Sanity Saver Sessions -  a 60 minute borrow my brain power-hour, where we can work on outlining your course or membership site, brainstorm ideas for programs or even map out your learning community strategy for an immersive course experience. Click here to get out of your head and into the world now. 


For the time-starved Empire Builder I offer a complete done for you solution; worksheets, activities, slides and scripts; 100% custom built and ready for you to record and deploy. I work with authors, coaches, trainers, speakers and online business owners to help them create the perfect program or eCourse for their tribe. Click here if you’d like to schedule a complimentary chemistry call for us to discuss your world domination strategy.

Working with Seema has been a blessing. I was struggling with what type of courses to offer my clients and Seema gave me so many ideas and homework, that I had ideas shooting out of my butt. If you are struggling, working with her is a no brainer. She will get you ready for the world!
— Jas Deol (Black Dahlia Press)


(Because all work and no play, makes Seema seem very dull indeed)

  1. I’ve grew up in Lagos, Nigeria (cue the Nigerian prince jokes) and currently live in New Delhi, India, I’ve studied in British, American, Lebanese and Indian schools and so my accent is a bit of a cultural hodgepodge; you can see what I mean here.

  2. I wrote a book in 72 hours and published it on Amazon Kindle on a dare, you can check it out here.

  3. I live to travel; in fact I originally started this business so that I could be a #digitalnomad and live out my #wanderlust dreams of travelling and living around the world while working on my #laptoplifestyle.

  4. I am an expert connector; which is how I’ve built connections and friendships with some amazing people including Sam Cawthorn, Lisa Nichols, Bushra Azhar and Gemma Went.

  5. I’m a bit of a geek - in my spare time, I’ll either be curled up with the latest and greatest book in the self-development or business niche or binge-watching episodes of Star Trek on Netflix. #livelongandprosper

  6. I’m known in many circles as the ‘curator of cool stuff’ and I’ve always got a list of cool tools, brands and items you need in your life right now. <inserts shameless newsletter plug right here>.

  7. My number one must-have, cannot-live-without, buy-so-many I should be a brand ambassador thing is post-it’s by the 3M company (no other company comes close - they don’t get the sticky bits right).

  8. My guilty pleasure is subscription boxes, while I hardly ever go shopping and buy only what I need online, if it comes in a subscription box chances are I’ll want to buy it even if there are only so many candles and bath bombs one person can use in a lifetime.

  9. My biggest inspiration and hero is my dad, unfortunately we lost him to a sudden bout of cancer when I was 22 but he left me with many precious memories and all of his best traits and gifts (and a few bad ones). 

  10. Francine Jay and her book Miss Minimalist is the inspiration for all my minimalist musings and my tiny closet, her latest book 100 …. Inspired me to write my 100 - you can get it for free here.

Want to know what I am working on right this minute? Click here

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